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Online Certificate Training Course - Global Security and Intelligence studies

Registration will start from April 10, 2020

5 topics - Course duration is 90 minutes.

Lecturer: Tornike Shurgulaia - PhD, Professor, Founder and President of the Thomas Jefferson Research Center, Expert-Analyst in Global Security and Intelligence studies, US State Department "SUSI" scholarship alumni at UMass, Expert of the Polish NGO Ambitna Polska.

Training Course topics: 1. Intelligence and Counterintelligence

2. US Intelligence Community part-1

3. US Intelligence Community part-2

4. UK National Security System

5. National Intelligence Model

Training course tuition Fee – 70$

40% discount for all level students.

During course will be provided special reading materials, students will pass tests and after passing 80% of tests they will be awarded with Thomas Jefferson Research Center Certificate of completion – (Online certificate and Original Certificate will be sent by postal service).

In case of additional questions contact us:

The purpose of the course is to provide students with necessary information for understanding the core aspects of Intelligence. While familiarizing students with the key topics of the course, special attention will be given to demonstrating interrelation between the security and intelligence services of the different countries. The course encourages students to understanding the invisible dimension of the political games. From course Global Security and Intelligence students take basic information on the system of the Intelligence services works in different countries. Students learn to link their knowledge about political priority and national security, they will have information on how Intelligence Services recruit assets using ideological aspects and what are main psychological tools are used to manipulate the political outcomes. - Information on National Security, concept of the National Security, key aspects and issues of the special services and intelligence services.

- Information on the systems of the intelligence and security services of the different countries

- Knowledge of the security concept, approaches to its understanding, its evolution

- Knowledge of the role of the security and intelligence services in the state-building process

- Knowledge of influence of the political climate in the state on the existing security system

- Understanding crisis Management issues and National Security designing process.

- Expressing position/arguments in a clear and precise manner on Security aspects - Presenting prepared speeches on the most resilient topics in the realm of National Security and Intelligence

- Expressing own point of view in a written manner through essays, briefs etc.

- Working in team, distributing roles and responsibilities in the framework of the given task

- Searching for relevant information in the Internet, books, scientific journals and other sources provided throughout the course

By the end of the training course, you will be able to:

- Identify the major trends and recent developments in international security and assess them for the

benefit of your Company or Organization;

- Analyses and discuss issues of international security with colleagues and peers, and make recommendations to managers;

- Install Critical thinking evaluating daily Geopolitical or Strategic events.

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