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Answer on statement made by Ombudsman of Georgia

Several news sources have reported today on the statement made by ombudsman of Georgia, in which she talked about necessity of legalizing Homosexual marriage. By the words of Professor Tornike Shurgulaia, while Thomas Jefferson Research Center does not condone discrimination towards minorities, there are more pressing challenges facing our country. As pointed out by the ambassador of the EU, There problems in laws pertaining to labor and serious safety issues. Blatant disregard of human rights in occupied territories also continues. Because of the above, and the overall social climate towards LGBT+ issues in the country, we believe that prioritizing this issue was a mistake on ombudsman's part. It is our opinion that such hasty declarations serve to further the anti-western sentiment that has been gaining traction this past few years. While everybody deserves equal rights, sidelining pressing issues that majority cares about in favor of a sexual minority without laying a proper groundwork for it only achieves alienation from western ideals. It strengthens the myth which is perpetrated by pro-Russian entities, that the religion, culture and traditions of our country will be disregarded by Europe and the US in favor of making minorities better of. In closing, we believe in protecting the rights of minorities as outlined by the anti-discrimination law, but at the same time we retain hope that ombudsman sees the situation clearly and address the issues that are more pressing and outrageous to society as a whole.

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