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Thomas Jefferson Research center provides strategic and Global Security services to governments and multinational organizations. Our training programs, security services, and research insights arm our clients with the essential knowledge and skills to prepare for, manage and respond to constantly evolving security needs. 


  • Identify the major trends and recent developments in international security and assess them for the benefit of your Company or Organization  

  • Analyses and assess of international security events and make recommendations

  • Install Critical thinking evaluating daily Geopolitical or Strategic events 

Consulting will be provided by PhD and Professors with practical experience, Research or both. Consulting team of the Thomas Jefferson Research Center Graduated from the: George C. Marshall Center - European Center for Security Studies-Germany, Rondine Cittadella Della Pace and Siena University - Italy, US State Department Scholarship program Alumni in American Political Development at UMass, NATO SCHOOL Oberammergau, King’s College London and Scholar from University of Cairo in Middle East studies, UMass Scholars, US Governmental Agencies and UN offices. We view each mission as a continuation of our work with the corporations or governments, and lifelong devotion to improving global security. 


  • Global Security Training 

  • Global Policy analysis

  • Professional Development Training 

  • Critical Event Survival management 



  • Cyber Security 

  • Crisis Management 

  • Major Event Security management 

  • Country Assessments 


  • Risk Assessments 

  • Open Source information analyzing and reporting on Geopolitical events 

  • Knowledge Management 

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